Run Your Small Business or Home Office Like an Enterprise

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Just because you're small doesn't mean you have to act small. With a few smart adjustments and a solid NAS setup, you can give your company the capabilities of the big guys in a package that won't break the budget.

Centralize Files and Find Information Fast

Big businesses don't just store data on individual computers, haphazardly scattering it across all the PCs around the office. It's easier to locate, share, and organize data if it's stored centrally. This capability doesn't have to require big, expensive file servers. Smaller offices can use a NAS device like the QNAP TS-469 Pro (which was awarded in PCWorld’s 50 Best Tech Products of 2013) to do the job. Thanks to QNAP's QTS software, users have numerous ways to access files centrally stored on the NAS, including a web browser, SMB, NFS, FTP, and other methods. Here, they can easily upload, download, or share files with others through a simple, web-based interface. And when it's time to hit the road, files can be synced with laptops, tablets, and smart phones through QNAP Qsync. It even archives old versions of files as they're changed, so mistakes can be easily erased.

Archive Every Idea

The best big companies keep meticulous track of their great ideas rather than jotting them down on paper or on whiteboards where they're sure to quickly vanish. But have you ever been concerned about how secure your data is on services like Evernote? The Notes Station app takes brainstorming to the digital world -- safely -- by turning your NAS into a permanent vault for your best ideas. With Notes Station you create digital notebooks with text, photos, and even web pages, then store them on your own private cloud. Notebooks can be accessed and edited from anywhere, even when you're out of the office, through your smart phone, so you can easily add to the archive. It's a great solution for taking notes, and even for recording and archiving meeting minutes.

Make Backups a Breeze

Enterprises take backing up data seriously, with nightly backups that ensure the company is never at risk if a computer crashes. Backups don't have to be a chore for your small business, either, as QNAP NAS systems streamline the backup process by integrating NetBak Replicator software. This lets you safely and automatically back up other computers on the network to the NAS, keeping your client data safe and your livelihood protected. For Mac users, Time Machine support is also built in.

Protect Your Data with IP Blocking and Encryption

As recent headlines have shown, hackers and data theft are a big problem for enterprise companies. For a small business, a serious cyber attack can be downright catastrophic. With NAS you can stop attacks before they start. With QNAP's IP blocking you can automatically lock out hackers when suspicious network activity is detected. As well, QNAP's NAS devices support full encryption at the highest standards, ensuring your data remains unreadable even if your NAS is somehow stolen. McAfee virus scanning is also available as a subscription, ensuring the data you’re archiving is free of malware.

One-Click Management

You may not have an army of IT workers like the big guys, and with a smart NAS you’ll find you don't need them. QNAP's QTS is built around apps, a collection of simple applications that look and work much like the apps on your smart phone. There's no complex operating system to master to set things up and manage the NAS. You simply click through the intuitive, icon-based dashboard to administer every aspect of your NAS -- so you spend less time dealing with arcane settings and more time actually focusing on your business, without the hassle and expense of a big IT operation.

Visit QNAP to learn more about how a NAS device like the TS-x69 Pro series can help you run anything from a one-person home office to a thriving small business like a full-blown enterprise.

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