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If you grew up playing with Colorforms (those vinyl cutouts you'd stick on a cartoon figure) or with Mr. Potato Head, then prepare yourself for a nostalgia trip. Because The Doll Parade is a playful mesh of both classic toys, all managed through the powers of HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9.

You start with a Russian doll shape, and then decide what stick-ons to add, which include headgear, arms, and legs. The arms and legs are animated, and thus your doll will be built to march -- a key feature, as we shall soon see. Once you've added all six parts -- making one combination out of a possible three million -- it's on to the next step: uploading a photo for the face, which will make it entirely unique. (You may also choose from among six preset illustrations, but there's no fun in that.) You can scale and reposition your uploaded image to some degree, but it's best to start with a close and clean head shot. If you don't like the final effect, you can start over and re-mix and re-match until you get it right. When you're done, you can download a still image of your doll, share it on Facebook, or continue on to the big event: the Doll Parade.

The Parade assembles every submitted doll on a single canvas, where they form one giant animated, marching group. Swipe your mouse around the screen, and the marching figures move forward or sideways. The effect is more seamless and more impressive the better your browser can handle the hundreds of simultaneous animations. On any given system, Internet Explorer 9, which enlists your graphics card to render and scale the graphics, will deliver the smoothest experience.

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