Fluid Dress Will Make Wearers Glow

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Artist Charlie Bucket has created one piece of apparel that will really make a potential wearer shine--literally. Enter the luminous fluid-made dress! Yes, seriously. The glowing outfit dress is made out of 600 feet of rubber tubing, all painstakingly knitted together. A few of the dress’ tubes are connected to a computerized machine, which then pumps fluid accordingly to create all kinds of patterns and shades of green.

Sadly, technical details for the actual dress are sparse, but if his skirt experiement is anything to go by, the tubes would contain a mix of dyed water and air. There are also reservoir holders, microcontrollers, and a terminal block thrown in for good measure.

The experiment took years to finalize, though sadly so did Bucket’s passion for the design. As he states on his Tumblr:

“I do hope you find something here, although I have become mostly unenchanted [sic] with the dress and video, despite my ambitions. I don’t know if I was ever really captivated with it or rather just captive to it. In any event, the Stockholm Syndrome is far gone.”

His disenchantment for the dress is understandable, but a shame, as it would have been cool to see more clothing items in an array of bright colors made. Check out Bucket’s video to see the finalized dress in all its glory.