Snapdragon Processor Getting Snappier

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Speedier processors are on their way to smartphones thanks to Qualcomm. The company announced this Wednesday that new faster versions of its popular Snapdragon chipset were in the pipeline, and should make it into new smartphones next year.

The Snapdragon processor powers a large number of Android smartphones, including the Motorola Droid, HTC Evo 4G, HTC Desire HD and Google's Nexus One all have Qualcomm chips under the hood. Some Sony Ericsson devices, Palm smartphones, RIM devices, and even some Windows Phone 7 devices also have Snapdragons within.

Qualcomm claims that its upcoming Snapdragon chipset, dubbed the MSM8960, will perform up to five times better than their first Snapdragon chip, mainly due to its new 1.2GHz dual-core processor. The chips will use a 28-nanometer process that's new to mobile devices.

The San Diego-based manufacturer also announced that their future chipset will use around 75% less power than current Snapdragon processors.

The new chipset is also poised to support the next generation of the mobile web. With integrated support for Long Term Evolution (LTE) - the next round of Snapdragon processors will be ready for '4G', regardless of whether your carrier is or not.

No details regarding when the new Snapdragon chips would ship was given, however devices making use of the MSM8960 are expected sometime during 2011.

[Via eWeek]

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