iPad Accessories for the Well-dressed Tablet

Apple's iPad is tough and good-looking enough on its own. But if you want to make it more stylish, more useful or both, we've got the gear for you.

Chic accessories for your elegant iPad

Apple's iPad is tough and good-looking enough to use on its own, but sometimes you want more. Maybe you want to class up your iPad for an important meeting or a night on the town. Maybe you just want to keep it safe and warm.

We've assembled a set of accessories that'll hold an iPad at a comfortable angle, show it off, keep it clean and protect it during travel. Some are inexpensive; others are for iPad owners who light their $1,000 cigars with
$100 bills.

A stand that goes where you do

The Compass Mobile Stand for the iPad is a fantastic four-way stand. It'll hold the iPad upright for watching videos in landscape mode, or in portrait mode for typing with an external keyboard. Or you can turn the Compass stand horizontally to hold your iPad at a slight tilt, suitable for typing with the on-screen keyboard in portrait or landscape mode.

Unlike many other iPad stands, the Compass is also highly portable. Its sturdy steel frame folds down into a 7.1 x 1 x 0.4 in. stick, making it easy to slip into a bag. I never take the iPad anywhere without it.

Available from: 12 South LLC
Price: $39.99

Retro toy fun

This little gem gets a lot of double-takes and starts conversations when you use it out in public. It's an officially licensed Etch A Sketch iPad Case. It's fun but practical too, with cutouts for the iPad's switches, ports and buttons, rubber feet for stability, and a retractable kickstand to hold your iPad upright. Pair it with the $2.99 Etch A Sketch HD app for the iPad to completely blow people's minds.

Available from: Headcase
Price: $39

Thai Pad for the iPad

Cradle your iPad with the luxury of ancient Siam with the Thai Pad. Made of silk with a hypoallergenic polyfiber stuffing, it's available in seven colors and holds your iPad at a comfortable viewing angle. Bonus: It works with other tablets, e-book readers and even paper books.

Available from: Levenger
Price: $39

Make your iPad look like a Moleskine

Moleskine notebooks are lovely, well-crafted little things, with leather-like covers (some coated cardboard, some vinyl), thick acid-free paper, and elastic bands to hold them shut. They're the favorite of wannabe beatniks. I have a half-dozen that I bought a few years ago -- blank and unused, because I do all my writing on computers, smartphones and, of course, my iPad.

Now you can bring the Moleskine's hipster beauty to the iPad. All kidding aside, the DODOcase is a really gorgeous case for the iPad, made using bookbinding techniques and the same black, coated cardboard used in Moleskine's Cahier journals.

Available from: DODOcase
Price: $59.95

Get an actual Moleskine for your iPad

If you're a true Moleskine fan, you'll be pleased that the notebook maker is coming out with its own line of hybrid cases for iPads. Unlike the DODOcases, the Moleskine Tablet Cover & Volant Notebook holds a tablet of paper on one side and your iPad on the other. The company is also releasing a smaller version for iPhones and other smartphones, and it already has a model available for older Kindles.

Available for pre-order from: Moleskine
Price: $89.95

Clean up your act

Good grooming is essential to looking attractive, and that's a problem for the iPad -- the touch screen readily accumulates smudges and fingermarks.

Fortunately, there's a cheap and easy fix; these microfiber cleaning cloths from Office Depot can polish your iPad screen clean in no time. They come in packs of three and are also great for cleaning smartphones, eyeglasses and other glass surfaces.

Available from: Office Depot
Price: $5.99

Protect your iPad like a fine musical instrument

If you're looking for more protection than the average iPad case can provide, why not go with a case made out of super-strongcarbon fiber? The Carbon Fiber iPad Case protects your iPad against anything you throw against it (or it'll protect your iPad when you throw it against other stuff).

Available in three finishes, the case looks something like a tiny, shiny briefcase, with latches to hold it closed. The thick padding inside leaves just enough room for an iPad, with a small amount of wiggle room in case you keep your iPad in a cover.

Available from: Mach 3 Composites
Price: $129.79

Your teddy bear's iPad sleeve

If your favorite stuffed animal had an iPad, this is what he'd carry it around in. The ColcaSac iPad Sleeve is like an envelope with a fuzzy interior, fabric exterior and Velcro fastener. It's made from natural, pesticide-free fibers and comes in a variety of hippie colors and patterns.

Available from: ColcaSac
Price: $35

Wear your iPad

I can't decide whether this is a novelty product or the real deal. Mohan's Custom Tailors ("Custom Clothing at Retail Prices") in Manhattan will make you a men's three-piece suit with a special pocket to hold an iPad, in any fabric or style you choose.

A store spokeswoman swears they've sold a few, adding that buyers aren't content with just an iPad pocket: They generally carry more than one mobile phone and want separate pockets for the phones.

Available from: Mohan's Custom Tailors
Pricing: $500 and up

The robber baron's iPad

The iPad Supreme Ice Edition is solid 18k white gold, bargain-priced at £79,995. (Are you a rich American? See the U.S. prices below.) TheiPad Supreme Fire Edition is made with 2.5 kilograms of solid 24k gold, priced at £109,995. The iPad Supreme Gold Edition, shown above and priced at £129,995, is encased in 22k gold and studded with 53 diamonds. And the £299,995 Supreme Platinum Edition is wrapped in platinum and encrusted with 173 diamonds.

Available from: Stuart Hughes

Prices: Approx. $128,858 for the Ice Edition; $177,183 for the Fire Edition; $209,399 for the Gold Edition; $483,239 for the Platinum Edition

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