Wirelessly Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your PC

Like most iPhone owners, I snap a lot of photos. I also capture a lot of screenshots. Unfortunately, the only way to copy those images to my PC is with a sync cable and all the usual Windows Explorer hoop-jumping.

That's why WiFiPhoto is one of my all-time favorite apps. It creates a link between my iPhone and my PC, but does so without wires. Instead, true to its name, it uses my home Wi-Fi network.

After loading the app (it works with all iOS devices, not just the iPhone), just tap the photo(s) you want to copy, then tap Done. You'll see a message that says, Connect your browser to [IP address].

Now fire up your Web browser, type in that address (it's usally something like, and then hit Enter. Presto! You'll see a thumbnail for each photo you selected.

To save them all in one fell swoop, click Download Zip. Otherwise you can click an individual thumbnail to open it in your system's default image viewer (I'm partial to IrfanView for stuff like this).

I use WiFiPhoto almost daily and find it absolutely indispensable. If you're tired of doing the sync-cable shuffle every time you want to offload some images, you will, too. The app costs all of 99 cents.

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