BendDesk: A Multi-Touch Desk With a Curve

Imagine your current computer workspace and the way that you interact with it: You write on paper or use your keyboard on a horizontal surface, and use screens for viewing on a vertical surface. Even if both of these surfaces were touchscreens, moving documents between the surfaces would be a difficult task. Not only does having two screens isolate information but it also decreases the applicability of direct manipulation, since finger movement is interrupted across bezels. Dragging a file to the trash is a good example of direct manipulation.

The BendDesk takes care of the problem that comes with dragging from one surface to the other by adding in a curve where the two screens join. The curve, or bend, is a fully functional part of the touchscreen as well and could serve as a useful area for a taskbar or placeholder.

The desk is a bit bulky however, and depends on three cameras and two projectors to work. If this idea is combined with a few others in the works, such as a reactive touch surface, I think it could really shine.

The desk is also ergonomically designed to fulfill the needs of an everyday desk, meaning you can place objects like a cup of coffee or a laptop on it as you would your normal desk.

[Media Computing Group via Gizmodo]

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