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FlowerOscope, created by the Parisian advertising agency La Surprise, is an absolutely beautiful and enchanting emulation of the classic kaleidoscope toy.

You build your kaleidoscope by adding layers of graphic rings to a plain white canvas. Click anywhere in your window, and objects bloom, multiply, and radiate. (In general, you click near the center for a tighter ring; click at the periphery for more of a spread.) The more you click, the more objects appear, including fishing lures, ribbons, top hats, flowers, guitars, and roses. And your clicks are matched by chimes, calliopes, electronic tones, and plangent rings, courtesy of the HTML5 Audio element. For best results, view the site with Internet Explorer 9, since it's the only browser that gets the whole experience right. While each layer of the kaleidoscope is initially centered in the window, as you move your mouse the layers separate and rotate, creating a dynamic and slightly off-kilter experience.

Click "done!" at the bottom, and the FlowerOscope will save your work and open a menu with three choices: "export," "family wall," and "share." "Export" saves an image file in your downloads folder. "Share" lets you post to Facebook and Twitter, giving you a link to your project on the FlowerOscope site. The link replays your process of adding objects to the piece and gives others a way to download yours or create their own.

The pièce de résistance is the "family wall," which is your personalized page with a social networking twist. The wall is a collection of plates, one of which features your own design. Click on the edge of your plate to select a different style; click on any empty plate to generate an e-mail to a friend you'd like to invite to contribute a design to your wall. You can edit the name of your plate, and you may create a title for your wall, using the site's custom retro script typeface. Other links allow you to change the page's wallpaper background or its mounted trophy. Once you've finished customizing your wall, you can share it through Facebook or Twitter, or export it as a large graphic suitable for use as Windows 7 wallpaper.

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