How to Print Digital Photos

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Print Photos From a Memory Card

Many photographers print photos directly from the memory card (such as SD or CompactFlash) where the images are stored in their cameras. This method avoids any need for USB cables or PictBridge support. You just plug the card into a memory card reader, and you're ready to go.

1. Remove the memory card from your digital camera, insert it into your card reader, and plug the card reader into your PC.

2. If AutoPlay is enabled on your Windows PC, a pop-up window will appear and provide you with various options. Choose Open Folder to View Files.

3. If Autoplay is not enabled on your PC, open an Explorer window from your taskbar, and navigate to your memory card in the folder window on the left. It will likely appear as a removable drive. Double-click the icon for the memory card reader to open it.

4. The window that appears next should contain an industry-standard folder titled DCIM (for Digital Camera Images). All major camera manufacturers use the DCIM folder as their root directory. Your images are located in subfolders named (usually) for the make or model of your camera.

5. Double-click the DCIM folder to find the subfolders where your images are stored. Your images will appear as thumbnails. To select the photos you want to print, hold down the Ctrl key and click the images you want. Then click the Print button.

6. The Print Pictures window gives you multiple options for printing your photos, including printer and paper size. Print layouts include single 8-by-10-inch images, nine wallet-size prints, and even a 35-image contact sheet.

7. Click the Options... link in the bottom right corner of the window to sharpen your photos before printing, and to adjust to your printer settings.

8. Click OK to return to your original Print menu, and click the Print button to send your chosen images to your printer.

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