How to Print Digital Photos

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Print Photos Directly From Your Camera

Printing directly from your digital camera to your printer saves time; and all major camera and printer manufacturers build in PictBridge functionality, which allows the process to happen. You can print single images, thumbnail contact sheets, multiple images, date-stamped images, selected areas of images, multiple copies, and more. Some features depend on your camera and printer, but PictBridge works well on a huge array of devices.

1. Make sure that both your digital camera and your printer are PictBridge-compatible. You can do this by visiting the CIPA Website or by checking your user manuals for each device. You may also want to check your product boxes: PictBridge-enabled products usually have the PictBridge logo printed on the manufacturer's box.

2. Though PictBridge works automatically on most Canon and Nikon cameras, some Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony cameras may require you to change the USB function on the camera in order to recognize a printer input. You'll perform this step in your camera's settings menu.

3. When you're ready, turn off your camera, and turn on your printer.

4. Connect the camera to the printer with a USB cable. Camera manufacturers usually include these cables with their cameras, and they're easy to replace if you misplace your original one.

5. Turn on the camera.

6. Your camera's LCD screen will start up, and you'll be able to navigate through the print options available to you with your particular combination of camera and printer. The interface varies slightly from one camera manufacturer to another, but you'll almost always use the camera's control pad to navigate through your images, selecting an image to print by pressing the OK button. On most cameras, you can access additional options by pressing the unit's menu button. Only functions available on both devices will be available for your use. You may be able to print a date-stamped image on one printer, for example, but not on another. Generally speaking, however, the newer your camera and printer are, the more print functions it will support.

7. Once you've finished printing, turn off your camera and remove your USB cable from both devices.

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