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Hello, Internet; did you miss us? We sure missed you! Now we're back (from outer space), ready to bring you the goodness that we find on the Internet. Prepare to have your minds blown by this week’s Viral Views.

DeLorean Hard Drive Enclosure

Say...this looks familiar. I think it was in a movie starring Michael J. Fox, back before he sold his soul to Fox and was on Spin City. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think this was the trailer for that movie.

Edible Chess Set

Victory never tasted so sweet. With this edible chess set concept design by Franco Marino Cagnina, you'd be able to take out your opponent’s army the good old fashioned way: by eating them. Om nom nom!

Hung-over Owls

When will people learn that nocturnal birds plus alcohol equals one very unhappy parliament? Remember kids, never drink and fly, and never give liquor to owls.

My Favorite Tweets

This video sums up why we love social media networks. It also describes why they are the bane of our existence.

(Some language may be mildly NSFW, depending on how fussy your workplace is on such matters, so wear headphones.)

True American Dog

We here at GeekTech believe that we have found the greatest news site on the internet (well, OK, maybe the second greatest). Somewhere out there, there is a heroic dog using science to find a missing child.

Futility Closet

If you’re bored and need something to do besides twiddle your thumbs and refresh Facebook for the millionth time, then check out Futility Closet for some entertaining stories. Who knows? You might actually--*shudders*--learn something.

We hope you've enjoyed this week’s edition of Viral Views. Remember to check back here weekly for more Internet goodies and surprise….Oh no! My ducks!!

See you in 7 days!

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