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Needless to say, all of us here at GeekTech have some pretty nerdy stuff on our holiday wish lists. So we decided to go around the proverbial table and share some of the things we'd like to get this holiday season--ignoring obvious economic constraints, of course (Hey, a geek can dream, right?). GeekTech blogger Jason Kennedy leads us off with his five most coveted gadgets. At the end, feel free to leave a comment sharing your wish list. Enjoy.

With all of the new technology that came out this year, one of the most difficult projects I’ve had here at PCWorld is narrowing down my Geekmas Wishlist to 5. ‘Tis the season to be nerdy, and with that in mind here’s my run down:

[Photo: Melissa Perenson, PCWorld]

1. Apple iPad

Let’s face facts: This device should be on a pretty short list of best gadget of all time. Every gadget company in the world seems to be scrambling to compete, and most aren’t coming close. I know many people that own one (you do, too, I’m sure, if the sales figures are correct), and no one denies that it’s an amazing device. Flash, no Flash, iTunes, whatever. Come on, Santa.

2. Google & Samsung's Nexus S

I am currently the happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy S phone, the Captivate. Rumors of Samsung making the next Google phone make me sit up and listen closely. Samsung’s been terrible to its user base with updates on the Galaxy S phones, but if the Nexus S gets OTA updates like the Nexus One, it’s going to be THE phone to beat. Samsung hardware is top notch.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Tab’s the second best tablet on the market right now, and its sexy slim 7-inch size makes it more portable than the larger iPad. With the ability to save...whatever you want locally, sync to anything, and run Flash, the Tab is a huge contender for my first place. Unfortunately, Samsung’s track record for updates and support is something I find lacking, dimming the appeal.

4. Apple MacBook Air

Solid-state drive? Big laptop specs with netbook size? Multitouch trackpad? What’s not to drool over? Apple’s outdone themselves with the MacBook Air. It’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a laptop computer and then some. The price? Like all Apple products, it’s not cheap. You’re going to get what you pay for, though.

5. A BenDesk

I know, it’s only a prototype. But with technology like the Iconia by Acer, I think a desk made entirely of touchable screen surface is not only plausible, but is an awesome idea. Think of the productive boost of that much screen real estate. You could run Facebook and Twitter, and read PCWorld and any other magazine all at the same time as your work systems were up! ...okay, maybe it's not that productive, but I still want it. Badly.

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