Are We Making Too Much of a PlayStation Phone?

PlayStation Phone

Slap a PlayStation and a phone together and what do you get? Another week of cannibalized PlayStation Phone rumors about as interesting as a chat room for Sasquatch-spotters, and half as illuminating.

Okay, I admit it. I'm not really into the marriage yet. I wasn't onboard for the PSP Go, either. Sony's cute but demographically mismanaged device seemed designed to skid uncontrollably through the toughest (and yet perfectly unmissable) marketing curves. The PSP Go was kind of a train wreck, so I'm not exactly sanguine about Sony's ability to pull off a phone that's essentially just a PSP Go that can talk to cell towers.

But if you're less cynical than I am, you'll want to watch the following soundless video in which someone fiddles with a less blurry version of the ugly-stick beaten device teased in late October. Basically a Sony Ericsson Android OS phone with a touchscreen that'll play Sony PSP games.

Oh, and I guess we're calling it the Zeus Z1 now, too.

Fingers crossed (or, mileage varying, four clenched and one extended) that we'll know more in February 2011, when Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg has said he'd like to make some "noise" about a new device at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona.

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