Casual, Unusual 'But That Was Yesterday' Wins Design Contest


Casual games champs JayIsGames has another contest winner to shout about, its ninth to date, and we've had a look at it ourselves if you're up for something unusual.

It's called "But That Was Yesterday," and according to our reviewer, straddles the gray space between what we'd call a game and something more concerned with telling a story.

It's possible to do both, obviously, but here you simply tap a few arrows keys to guide a nameless man through abstract areas designed to evoke and contrast emotional states.

If you'd like to see (and sample) the full entrant list, you can do so here, or check out JayIsGames' prior contests. I wrote about the eighth a few months ago.

Check them out if you have a few minutes to spare. All you need to play is a Flash or Javascript enabled browser.

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