World of Patchcraft: Hotfixes For Cataclysm Detailed

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Cataclysm Patch

Are you an ill-mannered person? Did you one-shot a flight-trainer in Stormwind or Orgrimmar? Did you know doing so made lots of players really, really sad?

If you're one of the afflicted, hang in there, Blizzard's got you covered, or will once your realm's been restarted. It's all part of their plan to hotfix the heck out of the 4.0.3a patch that initiated the Cataclysm back in November.

Like a certain someone else with absolute dominion over swathes of benighted land, Blizzard's arm (or you might just say "patch-list") has grown long.

Did you try to pick a fallen hero's spirit's pocket in Icecrown? Use "killing spree" on poor old Ozumat in the Throne of the Tides? Attack other players with impunity while in Diemetradon form near the Un'Goro Crater flightmaster? Endlessly kite--that is, aggro something and get it to follow you indefinitely--outdoor Battlemasters?

No more. The wizards at Blizzard are putting an end to your malarkey, along with dozens of other minor issues with spells, vehicles, achievements, class abilities, dungeons and raids, items, professions, and quests.

Oh well. Fun while it lasted, right?

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