All I Want for Geekmas: Armando's Letter to Santa

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Dear Santa (aka Internet),

I have been a very good journalist this year. I didn’t write any sensationalist headlines, and I checked my sources before posting a story. I already uploaded you my wish list in torrent form once, but just in case it was removed due to a copyright infraction, I’ll post it here for all to see. Here are the 5 geeky gadgets that would make this Christmas the merriest one of all (for me anyway).

Microsoft Kinect

Don’t get me wrong, the Kinect is a nifty piece of hardware, but I would never dream of using it to play games. I would use it as a sandbox for all sorts of different hacks and modifications. First up, building a robot that uses the Kinect and an old Atari 2600 as its eyes and brain!

Nexus S

Santa, could you also use your holiday magic (witchcraft?) to get me a Nexus S that I can use on CDMA networks? I want that front-facing camera and vanilla Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Also while you’re at it, some actual gingerbread would be nice as well.

Origin Genesis Gaming PC

As someone whose primary computer is a MacBook, I often find myself jealous of PC gamers. Sure, we finally got Steam on OS X this year, but unless you have a Mac Pro, you won’t be running a lot of things at high quality with anti aliasing turned on. That’s why I’m asking for the Origin Genesis. Sure $8,000 may sound like a massive amount of money, but it will make me a very happy gamer. Isn’t that all that matters in the end?

Astro A30 Headset

My current headphones are a sad sight to behold. My Hesh Skullcandies are currently on their last legs, being barely held together by some packaging tape. An Astro A30 headset would be greatly appreciated by both myself and the people I work with (so they don’t have to hear some of the strange apps I review).

Red Nintendo Wii

Strangely enough, this maybe the only console I have yet to own. While the Kinect may be for hacking, the Wii would definitely be for playing games. C’mon Santa, help me get my waggle on this holiday season!


What do you want from Santa? Leave a comment!

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