10 Great Gifts and Gadgets to Spruce Up Your Work Cubicle

Our guide to the coolest cubicle accessories has everything you could want, from USB-powered fragrances to in-office gardens.

10 Gadgets, Guides, and Toys to Spruce up Your Cubicle

Cubicles may not be the most fun places on earth, but with our guide to cubicle gifts and accessories, you can at least turn yours into the coolest place in the building.

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Lego USB Hub

For some childlike fun that's also functional, consider this USB hub shaped like a Lego brick. ($20 | More Info)

Cubicaller Doorbell

It's only polite to knock when entering, but padded cubicle walls don't always leave your visitors that option. Try installing the Cubicaller Doorbell so that your officemates can let you know when they're "outside." ($12 | More Info)

Nappak Sleeping Cube

Real workaholics might like the Nappak Sleeping Cube. This office-sleeping accessory is as amusing as it is stylish. Unfortunately, it's also--for the moment, at least--just a concept. (More Info)

Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

For a nice, manageable hint of nature, try this pretty electronic butterfly in a jar. Just be sure to let colleagues know that you're not some cruel, amateur lepidopterist. ($20 | More Info)

The Aerogarden Gardening System

Maybe you prefer some actual nature in your cubicle. For a high-tech, low-footprint way to get some green into the office, look to the Aerogarden. ($100 | More Info)

Tesla Plasma Ball Globe

Sometimes the classic cubicle toys are still the best. This probably isn't the first plasma ball you've ever seen--but how can you say no to something invented by Nikola Tesla? ($30 | More Info)

USB Scent Diffuser

Sometimes the look of your cubicle isn't what you want to worry about. If you have a less-than-rose-scented workplace, try this USB scent diffuser. You may want to warn your cubicle neighbor about the new perfume wafting through the air, though. ($10 | More Info)

Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Masager

Nothing says "relaxing" quite like a massage--and a foot massager can be relaxing in secret, which is even better. ($60 | More Info)

IT Cubicle Playset

For those of you who crave a bit of escapism in your work life, there's the IT Cubicle Playset. Now you can live the rich fantasy life of today's modern IT professional. ($13 | More Info)

Pimp My Cubicle Kit

If you need a little more guidance in creating the cubicle of your dreams, try the Pimp My Cubicle kit. Or, if you're more tech-adventurous, consult this book of DIY tech projects, which includes a USB-Powered Bubble Blower and something called a pocket guillotine. ($15 | More Info)

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