iPhone Friendly Thermometer Arrives to Save Christmas

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Are you worried about burning the festive turkey this year? If so, then there is no need to panic, as a new iPhone accessory and accompanying app is here to save Christmas!

Adding to the ever growing list of seemingly pointless iPhone gadgetry, comes the iGrill from iDevices. As you may have guessed, the iGrill has been introduced to help in the kitchen; its makers claim that it's the "first grilling/cooking thermometer and app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch"--no arguments here.

If you're in need of a digital cooking assistant, then $99 will get you the Bluetooth iGrill device (pictured). The touch-enabled device displays temperature information on it's screen, and is bluetooth-enabled, so it can beam additional cooking information over to an iPhone that's up to 200 feet away.

Along with the device and free universal (iPhone/iPad) app, the iGrill comes with temperature probe included. Additional probes can be had for $19.99--which can only mean one thing: Yes, the iGrill has multi-probe support.

Is this a case of over-engineering, or do you think this would be of genuine use to you? After all, what's wrong with an egg-timer?

[Via Chip Chick]

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