11 Free Fonts for Clever Holiday Entertaining

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Greetings, December party season! This year we welcome your festive embrace even as we endure the drunken antics of crazy coworkers, the blow-up decorations of loony neighbors, the sour smirks of sullen store clerks, and the unpredictable demands of visiting in-laws. How can we stay cheerful with those barbarians at our gate? Simple: By boldly entertaining our way through the holiday whirl, creating invitations and miscellaneous printed items for 11 distinct types of parties, each using a different stylish-but-free font to set the mood and dial up the charm.

(For links to all of these free font downloads in one convenient place, see our Eleven Free Fonts for Holiday Entertaining collection.)

Party 1: Face the Music and Dance

First up, a waltz party for friends who have remained light on their feet even as the economy bounced like a Super Ball. Their grace under fire inspires us to create party goods laced with Chopin Script, the swirling design by Canadian Claude Pelletier. His creation will bring the delicacy of Copperplate penmanship to our invitations and souvenir dance cards. Watch with awe, messieurs and madames, as we type 'Holiday Mixtape 2010' in a style that makes homemade party favors look like a million.

Download Chopin Script

Party 2: Two Thumbs Up for Local Heroes

A thumb-wrestling smackdown followed by a chili feast is perfect for the crew that made our dogs howl all year long. For the siren-blowing, fire-fighting folks of SFFD Mission Station Five, we turn to Mister Pablo, a Mexican Blackletter font by Australian designer Nicholas Gross. Our invitation to these lucky luchadores will look sizzling in Gross's beautifully graphic font, and we'll warm our guests' hearts with classy paper certificates that honor the iron-digited victors.

Download Mister Pablo

Party 3: Send in the Clowns

How to celebrate a band of riotous coworkers who filled our year with practical jokes? Time for an awe-inspiring circus shebang in our cubicle! We'll invite everyone using Teatral, the Big Top font by designer Tobias Sommer. In fact, we'll print the invitation on business-size envelopes, fill them with custom-made drink tickets, and leave one on each invitee's chair. Yeah, and when the merry pranksters turn in those tickets, we'll reward them with a classic shot of seltzer. Hmm, perhaps there should also be pie...

Download Teatral

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