All I Want For Geekmas: Elizabeth's Top 5 Christmas Gadgets

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I’m a gadget junkie, so when it comes to Christmas, I’m all about the small electronic additions. I’m also a bit of a show-off, so the quirkier a gadget, the better--bonus points if it has good specs. In my geek stocking, anything goes.

1. Google CR-48 laptop

Seeing as I spend practically all my life on the Internet these days, it seems pretty logical to give the first Google Chrome laptop a try. The idea of 3G on a laptop has always appealed to me too, meaning I can really sit down and write properly without having to check if there’s any WiFi available. It also looks nice and seems to be fast.

2. Apple TV

Now the Apple TV is just $99 and has been hacked, I’d love to get my hands on one of these. I can enjoy all the benefits of the original Apple TV as well as the hacks that are starting to appear, like Last.FM, a Web browser, and, er, the weather.

3. Tron bike

I’d love to give the Tron motorbike a test drive. Not only is it in theme with a film I’m eager to see, but seeing as there’s only a couple of them around, I’m going to stand out. The best bit about this bike is the attached iPad dock, so if I’m ever stuck in a big traffic queue I can check my emails, make sure I’m going in the right direction with Google Maps or just play Angry Birds.

I don’t even know if I can drive a motorbike, but I have pretty good skill on a bicycle and if money is no object, then why not what I drive?

4. iPad Case

Oh, hello there! [Photo: Etsy]

Ok, this may not totally count, but it is something pretty important, right? I’ve not had my iPad long, so I would be pretty upset if the screen or aluminium backing was damaged. Plus cases/ covers are a way of injecting a little personality into the tablet. After some trawling, I found the best one is definitely this little handmade case by Yummy Pocket--the mustachioed iPad sleeve! This felty guy would definitely keep my iPad safe and warm when out of use.

5. Back to the Future External Hard Drive

Just over a year ago, I bought the entry level Apple MacBook Pro. In that time, I’ve managed to use up almost all the hard drive space on it, so Christmas seems a great time to ask for a big storage/ backup device. I’m loving the fact I could go back in time with a 500GB Back to the Future hard drive (Time Machine, Back to the Future, get it?). Big enough to partition with the quirky element, this one’s for me.

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