Five Things to Do During a Facebook Outage

As I write this, Facebook is experiencing some kind of outage--apparently due to its rollout of new user pages. How long it will last is anybody's guess.

The irony is that my first instinct was to post a status update--on Facebook. Even as my brain was telling me I couldn't do that, my finger was clicking my FB bookmark.

That's how addicted many of us have become to the social network. With that in mind, I thought I'd offer this little list of ways to survive a Facebook outage.

1. Try Twitter instead. (Duh.)

2. Need a chat fix? There's always instant messaging (remember that?).

3. Still need a chat fix? Try the telephone (remember that?). I'll bet you haven't called your mom in ages.

4. Break out the bleach wipes and give your mouse and keyboard a good wipedown. It's cold and flu season, after all.

5. Read a book. Books are great. We spend so much time digesting tiny chunks of status-update text that we forget how wonderful it can be to curl up with...

Whoops! Facebook's back up. Gotta go post an update!

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