Deutsche Telekom Facing EU Probe Over Its Broadband Activity

The European Union has launched an investigation against Deutsche Telekom over its broadband activity in Slovakia.

Deutsche Telekom offers broadband Internet access in Slovakia through its subsidiary Slovak Telekom, which was already under investigation. However, the European Commission has now broadened the scope of its probe to include Deutsche Telekom.

The Commission began looking into claims of a refusal by Slovak Telekom to give access to infrastructure and a possible margin squeeze in April 2009. The regulatory authorities are concerned that there is insufficient margin between the retail and wholesale prices of Slovak Telekom making it difficult for alternative operators to compete using Slovak Telekom's infrastructure.

In the course of this investigation, the Commission gathered evidence about the relationship between Slovak Telekom and its parent company and is now seeking to establish whether Deutsche Telekom may have been involved in one or more of the suspected infringements or may be held liable.

There is no legal deadline to complete the inquiry

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