Techie (and Yummy) Gingerbread Creations

Here's a holiday selection of mostly edible iPhones, motherboards, laptops, and -- of course -- Google Android "Gingerbread" treats.

Geek Treats

We've seen how creative geeks (especially Apple lovers) get around Halloween when it comes time to carve their pumpkins, and the same holds true for gingerbread cookie makers around Christmas time (although with Google's timely introduction of its "Gingerbread" OS, Apple has competition). Snack away . . .

Mac Fan

Mac loving gingerbread man from Cherry on Flickr.

Edible iPhones

Apple iPhones you can eat, courtesy Green Gables Sweets & Café.

Tasty Accessories

Gingerbread iPhone icon magnets from Bear Duck Designs. Warning: Don't eat them.

Gingerbread Runs Windows

Windows laptop with a mouse via Popgadget.

Google's Gingerbread

Google Android OS 2.3 (a.k.a. Gingerbread) debuted in December, though a giant Gingerbread Man statue arrived on campus a little earlier.

Edible Android

An Android Gingerbread man/alien served up at the Google café, via Rachel Wente-Chaney on Flicker.

Another Google Treat

One more take on Google Gingerbread, via Danny Sullivan on Flickr.

Gingerbread Board

The motherboard of all gingerbread creations via Photobucket.

Gingerbread Gone Bad

Evil gingerbread man, via Kitchen Budapest on Flickr.

Beware the Gingerborg

Star Trek Gingerborg Enterprise via AudreyH4 on the Instructables Website.

Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread meets Pac-Man meets Tetris on Pixelthing's Flickr account.

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