Dragon Age II Combat Lets You Spam or Strategize

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Dragon Age 2

Worried, like me, that Dragon Age II wants to woo console gamers by mimicking Diablo's archetypal button-spam combat?

Worries confirmed in the following PC version combat walkthrough. Worries also allayed, as you'll also see when lead designer Mike Laidlaw demonstrates what happens when...oh, just watch the video.

Alright BioWare, I'll nibble. It looks like you've somehow folded Diablo and Dragon Age into a single system, not just hybridized the latter. In fact if players opt for the more thoughtful "pause and play" route, the combat looks almost identical to Dragon Age's.

I'll have to play it to be sure, but as that guy you probably know--the really annoying one--always pleading for more tactical chrome than most fans would tolerate, I'm at least slightly relieved I won't be playing Dragon Age: Ninety-Nine Nights when this one ships on March 8, 2011.

And in case you're wondering, both modes will be available in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version for those of you willing to work fiddly radial menus for the sake of couches and 60-inch screens. In fact according to senior gameplay engineer Seb Hanlon, they've enhanced the console's radial menu by keeping it active after you issue a command (it used to automatically close) and adding the ability to issue move-to-point orders to party members.

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