Seven Awesome iPhone Accessories We Wish Existed

There are tons of killer iPhone add-ons out there, but we'd like to see a few more. Here are our top imaginary accessories.

Dream Accessories

The iPhone has spawned an entire industry of specialized add-ons and attachments, but there are still plenty of good ideas out there just waiting to become essential accessories for Apple's phone. Here are six imaginary products we'd like to see.

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Telescoping Antenna

iPhone 4 antenna problems got you down? An old-school telescoping antenna would not only give your signal a boost, but also add a touch of retro charm to your Cupertino-designed phone.

Verizon Attachment

Tired of waiting for the rumored Verizon iPhone to emerge? A Verizon 3G attachment could solve that problem.

USB Ports

We detest proprietary ports of all kinds--and that includes Apple's dock connector. A couple of standard USB ports would simplify connecting keyboards and other hardware to the device. (And while we're wishing for impossible things, would it be going too far to ask for an ethernet port?)

Robotic Legs

Find My iPhone is a cool feature that helps you locate your missing phone, but it still makes you do most of the work. A robotic spider-legs attachment would enable your phone to come crawling back to you whenever you misplace it.

Pico Projector Attachment

Though several iPhone projectors exist, they are external add-ons. We want a pico projector that attaches to the phone and beams beautiful images without taking up a bunch of space.

Android Backup Phone

Want to run an app that Apple's App Store rejected, without jailbreaking your iPhone? Want to watch most of the video on the Web? A slide-out Android device would be a good accessory in such instances. (Or read David Wang's guide to installing Android on your iPhone.)

Laser Blaster

We don't care that it's impractical and that we have no idea how it would work. We just think that a laser blaster would be a frickin' awesome add-on.

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