Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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Games, games, games! The release calendar has been looking a little thin lately, so to compensate a bunch of companies came out this week and announced new titles or slapped release dates on old ones. Last of Us, new Borderlands, Transistor—we have some things to look forward to.

And Microsoft is about to dig through a heck of a lot of trash in the name of science. This is gaming news you may have missed for the week of April 7.

Last of Us Redux

Less than a year into the new console generation and we're already getting "HD re-releases" of games. Naughty Dog and Sony confirmed this week that winner-of-every-award-in-history The Last of Us is receiving an updated PlayStation 4 release with shiny, 1080p graphics. The Last of Us Remastered arrives sometime this summer.


Have you put away your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 yet? Maybe...maybe drag those back out. I know. Ugh. But Gearbox announced this week it's working on a new Borderlands game—a prequel, set on the moon. And it's only going to be on 360, PS3, and PC, because who cares about those expensive new consoles you bought?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Anyway, you'll be helping Handsome Jack, back before he became a villain. There'll be four new characters to choose from, all familiar faces like Nisha and Wilhelm. And you can play as Claptrap the obnoxious dancing robot, if for some reason you want to drive yourself insane. You don't have long to wait so get your moon boots ready—Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel releases this fall.

A new Bastion

Supergiant Games, developers of Bastion, announced its new game Transistor releases May 20. I don't even know what else to say except that I'm excited. Every demo I've seen so far has been brilliant, and I hope the final release lives up.

Oh god more games

This week has been a feast of game announcements. We're already halfway through Missing Pieces and I just can't stop trotting out more.

Okay, Nintendo fans, Smash Bros. is coming to the 3DS this summer and the Wii U in the winter. Also, you can play as Charizard.

Nintendo is also bringing an English version of Tomodachi Life to the 3DS and...it's weird. It's like someone populated an entire universe with Miis, and then they all went insane. Just...just watch the Nintendo Direct reveal, if you're brave enough.

Sony Online Entertainment is already in pre-release stages on Landmark (formerly Everquest Next Landmark) and Everquest Next, but announced this week it has another MMO in the works, this one a post-apocalyptic game titled H1Z1. Like Everquest Next and Landmark, it sounds like a lot of work has gone into systems for players to build structures—in H1Z1, for instance, allowing you and your gang to construct a headquarters in an abandoned warehouse.

Video killed the video star

So you're playing Call of Duty on an Xbox One and you are just killing it. Just pulled off a sick 360-no-scope-headshot? Need to save that moment straight to YouTube? Preferably with a highly original soundtrack of the classic hit "Bodies" by Drowning Pool?

Lucky for you, hypothetical person who I hate, you can now upload clips directly from your Xbox One to YouTube instead of having to go through SkyDrive first.

Also, you can now earn achievements for watching YouTube videos on the Xbox One. If I were allowed to use emoticons in my professional writing, this would be the place for a big ol' sad face.

Grab your shovel

Remember how Microsoft was going to fund that documentary about the landfill where Atari probably buried copies of E.T. and Pac-man? Well, they finally have a dig date: April 26. And you're invited to join!

ET Landfill

That's right, come on down to the landfill at 4276 Highway 54 S, Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310. You could watch people dig through trash all day, standing under that hot New Mexico sun. If you're really lucky, Microsoft says it might even interview attendees.

And there's a good chance I'm going down, so if you see me say hello.

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Also we have reviews of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Betrayer going up this weekend, so check in for those if you're interested. And PAX East is going on this weekend, so we'll have our ear to the ground for any news coming out of Boston.

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