10 even wackier USB devices

The holidays are the perfect time to stop being so serious and engage in a little frivolity. These crazy USB gadgets will help out.

Have fun with that spare USB port

Got a spare USB port on your PC? Then you have room for something goofy! Forget the useful peripherals for a bit and get silly with these gadgets. If you thought InfoWorld's "10 wacky USB devices" from last year were crazy, wait till you see these!

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Briefcase Turntable

If you think briefcases are only for important things, you're right: This $70 briefcase is for the very important task of listening to music in its best form -- on vinyl. It opens up to reveal a fully functional belt-driven turntable, and the USB connection means you can use it to rip your vinyl into digital format. Buy it here.


If you can grow mold in your fridge (and you can -- have you checked that Tupperware container in the back within the past year?), you can grow plants on your desktop. The only difference is this $5 greenhouse -- complete with soil, seeds, and an app that helps you properly care for your seedlings -- lets you grow stuff on purpose. Buy it here.

USB Whack It

"When a mole comes along, you must whack it!" Our apologies to Devo for the mangling of the band's hit "Whip It," but whack-a-mole is not only a fun game, it can be a terrific stress reliever. Just imagine those moles are the things stressing you out and give 'em a good whack -- for just $16. Buy it here.

Big red button

Is it a self-destruct button? The nuclear missile launch button? The trap-door opener? The ejector seat button? The History Eraser Button? That's for you to decide! But if it you decide this $20 button does something epically catastrophic, please give us immunity, OK? Buy it here.

Star Trek communicator

The upside: It looks cool, it has built-in sound effects including the iconic chirp noise, and it actually works with Skype and various IM programs. The downside: It opens you up to a deluge of terrible "Star Trek" jokes. You decide if that's $35 well spent. Buy it here.

CD/DVD destroyer

Sometimes deleting a file isn't enough, and throwing away the CD or DVD it was on just isn't extreme enough. Well, until somebody figures out a way to make discs self-destruct à la "Mission: Impossible," this $27 device is the next best thing. It destroys disc surfaces, making them permanently unreadable. Buy it here.

USB Alien

What better way to say "abandon hope all ye who enter here" than with a $40 miniature version of H.R. Giger's Alien iconic creation of terror? This cute little guy even does the whole "mouth protruding from the mouth" thing. Buy it here.

Web mail notifier

Why go check your email when the delivery notification can come right to you? This $10 Web mail notifier is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Web-based email like Gmail and Hotmail, and POP3 email, and it uses a color-coded system to tell you when you've received a new message or how much mail you have. Buy it here.

USB drum kit

The only thing that stands between you and being the office Neil Peart is practice, and here's your practice tool. The $40 drum kit has six pads, and it even comes with software that teaches you how to drum along to your favorite songs. Buy it here.

Talking Yoda desk protector

Not only does this $30 Yoda figurine look cool, it actually talks, dispensing pearls of ancient wisdom. Perhaps the best advice the sage old Jedi gave us is to not write this text in that crazy Yoda syntax. Buy it here.

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