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Quick Profiles: A Useful App for Managing Your Phone Settings on the Go

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Lots of different profile apps are on the market, but Quick Profiles is particularly simple, reliable, and intuitive. For those who don't know, many brands of phone come with some sort of "profiles" feature, allowing you to quickly change to a different set of settings with a quick press of a button. For instance, you could set up an Office profile for while you're at work, which would put everything on vibrate and turn on your Wi-Fi; or you could have a Sleep profile, which would turn off your radios, dim the screen, and kill all ringtones, but still have your alarm go off full-blast in the morning. You get the picture. Android doesn't come with profiles out of the box, but the Android market offers many options.

Today we're talking about Quick Profiles. The short story: It's great. There's no bling or fanfare; it's just a plain little workhorse. You can create as many profiles as you like. When creating or editing a profile, you can change the profile name, icon, ringer mode, ringer volume, media volume, notification volume, alarm volume, voice call volume, ringtone, notification tone, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen timeout, screen brightness, and even the wallpaper. You can also select "no change" (which I have for most of them), so it doesn't mess with whatever your last settings were. Everything works well, consistently, and quickly.

Quick Profiles has a lot of options for easily switching between profiles. You can simply use your notification pull-down window, and then select it; you can create a shortcut on your desktop for a specific profile, which is faster; or, fastest of all, if you have Launcher Pro, you can set profiles to specific swipe gestures. This means that, regardless of what home screen you're on, you can just swipe down in one place, and it activates your Normal profile. Swipe down in another place, and it activates your Silent profile. That was the reason I switched to Quick Profiles from my beloved Profiles (by egg ‘n stone) app, and I haven't looked back. Quick Profiles also activates on the phone's boot, which is nice.

Please note: this is not an automatic profile-switching app like Locale or Tasker. It doesn't use GPS to switch you from one to another. You have to do it manually. Some people want that automatic functionality, but personally, I have never had a good experience with those, and I prefer Quick Profile's manual method. For about a buck more you can get the Pro version, which includes a widget that displays your current profile and a bunch of other icons. I say it's worth a buck just to support the developer.

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