Work Like It's 2006 With Classic Menu for Office 2007

Microsoft spent years teaching us to select items off of menus at the top of the application window. Then, in 2007, they told us to stop doing that. If you miss the old way of working in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and would rather pull down a menu than click a ribbon, Classic Menu for Office 2007 will make you very happy. This $30 Microsoft Office add-in (15-day free trial) puts the old menus back where they belong.

Classic Menu for Office 2007 brings you back to the pre-2007 Office interface, without sacrificing the new way of doing things.
And you don't even have to sacrifice the new user interface for the old one. Classic Menu inserts a new ribbon at the extreme left edge of the Office 2007 interface. This new ribbon contains both the old, familiar menus and the old, familiar toolbars; click it and you're back in Office 2003--but with 2007's features. And you can always click on one of the other ribbons to return to a more modern Office.

Vendor Addintools offers several similar programs. There are separate Classic Menu programs for each Office 2010 SKU (Standard, Professional, Home and Business, and so on). If you're short on cash and only want the old-fashioned interface for a single application, you can buy cheaper Classic Menu add-ins for Word, Excel, and other Office applications--either for version 2007 or 2010.

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