Eat24 receives honorary strain of weed, because of course

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Don’t ever say that Eat24 doesn’t know its customers.

Of all the food delivery apps—and they are as plentiful as delicious dead animals on a meat lover’s pizza—Eat24 has always struck me as the most playful. When Seamless and GrubHub send me emails, it’s all business—save time by ordering dinner from your phone, here’s a coupon, blah blah blah zzzzzzzz. Eat24 knows we use its service out of sheer laziness, and it’s not shy about suggesting a possible reason why:

half baked pothead

Yep, they're onto us: Eat24 realizes that a few of its faithful juuust might be ordering up our sushi feasts and patty-melts-with-extra-everything from within a thick cloud of pot smoke. But no reason to be paranoid. It's OK. They don't mind. One email I got, oh, right around this time last year, was to promote “Danksgiving,” including a contest wherein I’d tweet or Instagram a picture of my “munchies” with the tag #eat420 to win a free dinner or “one of our favorite products,” a, um, vaporizer. I didn’t enter. But I did giggle.

This year, Eat24’s pun-filled, Spongebob-gif-adorned blog post celebrating this weekend’s holiday (no, not Easter, the other holiday) also announces a particularly apt promotional stunt: San Francisco medical marijuana delivery service The Vapor Room has named not one, but 10 strains of weed after Eat24.

So whether they’re looking to chow down on Eat24 Bubba Tacos Kush or Eat24 J-One Chinese Delivery, San Francisco's card-carrying medicine fiends can get treats delivered by The Vapor Room, then call up Eat24 when the munchies strike. Or even order both, one right after the other, for a race to their door, provided they don’t space out during all that clicking or get distracted by a piece of tin foil.

Say what you will about the appropriateness of the tie-in, but I think the combination works like tie and dye. And at the very least it’s more appropriate than, say, Uber charging you $100 for a mariachi band to play you one song on Cinco de Mayo, or forcing adorable kittens to be shuttled around town cuddling strangers for 15 minutes per stop. That’s just mean.

Don’t worry, Mom, I won’t be partaking in any Eat24-branded non-edibles this weekend. Just Cadburry eggs and jelly beans and everything on Jim Breuer’s list, and water, a whole lot of water, and… Funyuns.

Wait. What were we talking about?

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