Taking Toyota's fuel cell vehicle for a test drive

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Toyota had its second-generation fuel cell vehicle at the New York International Auto show this week, and we got to go for a ride.

The fuel cell vehicle we tested in this video report is powered off of hydrogen which mixes with oxygen; the only exhaust the car puts out is water vapor. The cost of filling up this car for a 300-mile range is similar to what gasoline might cost you—in some cases, it may even cost less.

toyota fuel cell

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle goes for a ride at the New York International Auto Show.

I rode shotgun in this test ride, so it’s hard to say just how the car handled. But from my vantage point, the car had quick, powerful acceleration, good stopping power and good handling around turns. The car was quiet, like an electric vehicle. When turned off, excess water vapor drained from the tail pipe and the car let out a short, audible hiss.

Toyota showed off a hydrogen-fueled sedan at the CES show in Las Vegas earlier this year. That car goes on sale in California sometime in 2015.

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