Innovative Digital Camera and Smartphone Camera Accessories

All photographers love gizmos for their cameras. Here are a few to consider, including extra lenses for smartphone cameras and Flip camcorders, interesting tripods, stabilizers, and more.

What Should Be in Your Camera Bag?

Looking for photography accessories? Here are some interesting and useful camera add-ons that can make life easier for any camera owner--and even improve their photos.

ReadySteady Camera Stabilizer -- $30

A simple yet ingenious device, the ReadySteady will noticeably reduce unwanted movement of a camera, making pans, tilts, and static shots much more effective.

Delta Point and Shoot Diffuser -- $16

A harsh flash can ruin a perfect shot, so why not pick up a Delta Point and Shoot Diffuser? This handy little device clips onto the lens of your point-and-shoot camera and turns its flash into a more soft and diffused glow.

Bower Wide Angle Lens for Flip Camcorders -- $50

For a Flip pocket camcorder, check out the Bower Wide Angle Lens. This add-on allows you to take wide-angle shots with your Flip, and even permits you to capture panoramic images.

The Collapsible Camera Extender -- $25

The Collapsible Camera Extender is tiny but extends to great lengths, thus providing an easy way for you to get everybody in a group shot or to position your camera above the heads in the crowd.

White Balance Lens Cap -- $45 to $65

The White Balance Cap is the easiest and most effective way to obtain white balance. Just snap a picture with the lens cap on while in custom white balance mode, and you'll create a perfect profile of the actual lighting around you. Best of all, you can replace your normal lens cap with it, and it won't take any extra room in your bag.

Bottle Cap Tripod -- $10

The Bottle Cap Tripod easily fits in your pocket, bag, or jacket. It can turn just about any bottle into a tripod in a matter of seconds, leaving you with great shots in almost any situation.

Gorillapod Tripod -- $20 to $50

The clever Gorillapod Tripod comes in three models: One is magnetic, another can support up to 6.6 pounds (for all you SLR folks with huge lenses), and the third is the original design. You can bend any of the models to make them cling to just about anything they can wrap around, which gives you much more photography freedom.

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card -- $50

The simple and effective Eye-Fi Memory Card, which automatically uploads photos to your computer over Wi-Fi, is often called "the bottomless memory card." You can even have it automatically upload your photos to the Web.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness -- $40

Ever wanted to record your entire life? If so, the GoPro Chest Mount Harness will probably get you the best angle. In more-realistic applications, putting your camera in one of these could help you capture some cool action photos. Just don't block the shot with your arms.

Smartphone Camera Lenses -- $20 to $40

Using a magnetic ring that you can stick to your camera phone, these fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses from Photojojo transform your handset into a picture-taking beast, enabling you to crank out clear and crisp shots every time.

Ikelite Underwater Flip Housing -- $260

The Ikelite Underwater Housing will protect your Flip camcorder in any environment, allowing you to capture moments that few others can. It's great for the pool, scuba diving, surfing, or anything involving water, and it comes with a filter lens for filming deeper than 15 feet underwater. The only drawback is that it costs more than the Flip camera.

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