7 Internet fakes we wish were real

Spend a little time on the Web, and you'll know better than to trust your eyes. Still, we've come across a few online pranks that we wish were more truth than fiction.

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Too incredible to be real: the coolest Internet fakes

How many times have you seen a video or photo on Facebook that was so amazingly cool you just had to share it without thinking twice? It was only later that you discovered that not-to-be-believed image was an elaborate fake you shouldn’t have believed. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Whether it’s an amazing feat by a classic action hero, a predator defying its evolutionary instincts, or a piece of sci-fi pop culture come to life, the Internet is full of amazingly cool hoaxes. Here’s a look at some of the videos and images circulating online that are oh-so believable, but just too amazing to be real.

fake brue lee

Bruce Lee’s unconventional ping pong paddle

Let’s be honest: With Bruce Lee’s reputation being what it is, would it surprise you if you saw a clip of the man flying? So when a video of Lee surfaced playing ping pong with nunchuks (nunchuks!) it was amazing but believable enough.

Alas, Lee might have had a one-inch punch, but Lee’s ping pong swinging antics turned out to be nothing more than clips from a 2008 marketing campaign in Asia for Nokia’s N96 Limited Edition Bruce Lee phone. Sorry martial arts fans: Lee never played ping pong with nunchuks… as far as we know.

fake hoverboard

Hoverboard goes back to the future

At a time when you can talk to your phone and text your house to turn on the air conditioner, a floating skateboard doesn’t seem that impossible.

When a company called HUVr claimed it was about to release a real hoverboard that looked just like one from the movies, numerous news articles expressed doubt. But there was also an undercurrent of hope in the news that maybe, just maybe, the hoverboard wasn’t a scam.

Unfortunately, Marty McFly’s skateboard was about as real as a flux capacitor, and the whole thing quickly turned out to be a lame prank by Funny or Die.

fake iquit

I quit

At some point in their life, who hasn’t dreamed of quitting a job by telling their boss to shove it?

The Internet gave out a collective fist pump when a young assistant used a whiteboard and 33 images to simultaneously quit and tell her boss off in 2010. But all that energy was directed at a grand fake perpetrated by where the photos first showed up.

fake shark copter


If you don’t know this one’s a fake, you’re probably new to the Internet. The helicopter shark is widely considered the granddaddy of online hoaxes.

And no, we don’t wish some poor sucker would get eaten by a shark. But the idea that nature is so tough that an animal would ignore instincts telling it to avoid the whooshing, pulsing helicopter above, just to grab a bite of something it doesn’t typically eat? Well, that’s just badass.

fake twerk fail

Twerking fail

The Internet recoiled in horror and hilarity in 2013 when, during an apparent twerking fail, a woman set fire to her pants. This little bit of craziness was too perfectly set-up, and was revealed to be an elaborate prank from late night host Jimmy Kimmel—who maybe needs an intervention for this sort of thing—that was months in the making.

fake playdoh printer

Play-Doh 3D printer

The ability to create plastic replicas at home for everything from keychains to firearms is cool enough. But the ability to print a Yoda figurine in Play-Doh? Yeah, that’s awesome.

This little piece of nerd heaven is one of many April Fool’s pranks produced by Think Geek. It might be fake, but wouldn’t you love to have one?

fake ball girl

Gravity-defying ball girl

There have been a few phony baseball videos like the Evan Longoria bare handed grab. But the incredible ball girl catch from a Triple A baseball game circa 2008 was a… wait for it… home run. In the video, a ball girl can be seen jumping the wall to make a breathtaking catch, then nonchalantly tossing the ball to the left outfielder. That catch ended up being a little-seen commercial for Gatorade.

If you want to see an impressive catch by a real ball girl, check out this clip from the Padres-Dodgers game during Major League Baseball’s opening night in March. We promise it’s not a fake… we think.

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