iPhone Bandit Foiled By Knives

The iPhone may be a great smartphone, but as a substitute for a firearm in committing an armed robbery, it leaves something to be desired. That's what Jerome Taylor discovered yesterday when he tried to rob an Indian restaurant in New London, Connecticut, with his Apple mobile.

Northern Indian Restaurant
Taylor, 20, wearing a mask, entered the Northern Indian restaurant through a service entrance yesterday afternoon and demanded money from the eatery's cooks with what they thought was a small handgun, the New London Day reported. When the cooks brandished their kitchen knives and refused to comply with Taylor's demand, the would-be thief apologized and said he was just trying to scrape up some cash for his kid.

After Taylor fled the scene, the cooks debated whether or not to notify the police about the robbery attempt in light of the holiday season, but they dropped a dime on him anyway. Several hours later, police apprehended Taylor after a foot chase through the streets of New London. When interrogated by the coppers, Taylor confessed that his "handgun" was really a black iPhone.

The hapless bandit also told police that his child was staying with a relative in a nearby town. Police are running down that story to make sure the child isn't in any danger.

Taylor has been charged with interfering with police, first-degree criminal attempt to commit first-degree robbery and criminal attempt to commit sixth-degree larceny. Fortunately for Taylor, spending money on an iPhone instead of Christmas presents for your kid isn't a crime in the eyes of the law.

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