Trip Back to the Future a Quarter Century Later

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Back to the Future

I couldn't tell you whether it's any good, or if voice actor A.J. LoCascio pulls off a convincingly keyed up Marty McFly, but there's a Back to the Future adventure game now available from developer Telltale's website for $25.

The first episode anyway, which they've punningly titled "It's About Time." It kind of is. The first movie came out over a quarter century ago. The only other game related to the series came out in 1989 for the original NES. I never played it, but I hear it's pretty bad. You can check it out yourself in emulation here.

Telltale's planning five episodes total, the next three to be released in February, March, and April, respectively, with a doubtless time-twistingly epic finale to follow.

Remember Bob Gale? Probably not. No one remembers a film's screenwriters, producers, cinematographers, casting directors, sound mixers, or, you know, key grips. Gale's the fellow who wrote the screenplay for all three movies. Telltale got him involved with the game, which reportedly led to his resurrecting ideas bounced around with film director Robert Zemeckis (bet you remember him) for the second film.

Another way to spin this might thus be "Play the game, see what might've been." Or now apparently is, since the game takes place six months after Back to the Future III. Canonical? I have no idea. Was the 1990s animated series?

I guess Michael J. Fox wasn't available to voice his in-game likeness, but Christopher Lloyd reprises the madcap "Doc" Emmett Brown, both younger and older versions, which should work fine, since Lloyd's one of those actors who sounds like himself at any age.

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