No, Epic Mickey Isn't Headed to PlayStation 3

Epic Mickey

Happy December Fools, all of you duped by Spanish games site PSN!, which earlier today scribbled a headliner claiming Wii-exclusive Epic Mickey was headed to Sony's PlayStation 3.

It turns out that's not the case.

In a story redaction, PSN! says December 28 is the day Spain celebrates its equivalent of the United States' April Fool's Day.

"Logically, we would have [been] delighted to announce the world premiere of Epic Mickey's launch on PlayStation 3, but that time [isn't] today," reads the Spanish-to-English Google translation of the revised story.

"PS: Sorry to break the hearts of international sites that have linked to [us] in the last hours."

Hearts and sourcing procedures, it seems. The duped include VG Chartz, Game Rant, a handful of tech blogs, and PC Magazine.

Why didn't we pick it up? Because the original PSN! "joke" story was source-less.

But pretend for a moment it's not a joke story. Would Epic Mickey work better on the PS3 than the Wii?

It'd be more accurate with the Move controls, maybe, and prettier in high-definition to be sure, but Epic Mickey's problems lie with the game design itself. Stuff like: The unreliable camera, the fussy targeting, and the bluntly binary, superficial morality system.

I'd frankly rather see game designer Warren Spector, a guy whose past work I generally admire, come up with something brand new, at this point.

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