Create a Single Card for All Your Reward Cards

You know all those reward, membership, and club cards cluttering up your wallet? What a hassle. Wouldn't it be great if you could magically combine them onto a single, space-saving card?

You can: just pay a visit to Just One Club Card. True to its name, this Web service creates a printable double-sided barcode card for up to eight different stores.

All you do is enter the barcode number for each of your existing cards, then choose the corresponding store. J.O.C.C. has listings for nearly 200 stores, and if there's one you don't see, you can e-mail the site's creator to get it added.

(Note that a few stores, like Blockbuster, aren't there on purpose, as that barcode is also your account number. As the developer notes, "best not to be shooting those around the Internet." In other words, he takes security seriously.)

When you're done, just click Create your card. You'll see the completed product, which you can then print, cut, fold, and stick in your wallet. (If you really want to get fancy, laminate it.)

I love helpful sites like this. The only wrinkle is that more and more of my membership cards use magnetic strips instead of barcodes. But those that do have 'codes are headed straight for the trashcan (or at least the file drawer).

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