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Be the Chef In Bistro Cook for Android

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I'm not going to lie: I love cooking games. I play both Diner Dash and Cooking Dash constantly on the iPhone, and I also had a serious addiction to Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS. So does Bistro Cook rank with other cooking game favorites? Not exactly.

Bistro Cook is pretty much like any cooking game: You're a line cook and you must fulfill customer orders by frying them up on you stovetop. Be careful not to burn the food, however, or else you'll have to toss it and start over. Some foods, like certain vegetables or bread, don't need to be cooked so you can slap them on the plates that come down the line. The things people order are pretty ridiculous. Raw cabbage...only? Fried cheese? I don't think I'll be dining at this restaurant anytime soon.

You're also required to put together various food combinations like mushrooms and eggs (which you must fry individually) or steak and fries, making the game even more complicated. Adding to your stress is the seemingly never-ending line of plates for hungry customers. It is exactly the kind of satisfying rush you get from other cooking games.

The big problem with Bistro Cook, however, is the interface. It is unattractive and almost impossible to discern what some of the food items are. How is that one blob pork and that other blob beef? Once you memorize what blob represents what food item, Bistro Cook gets easier. Unfortunately, it is missing that fun, cartoonish feel that other cooking games, like Cooking Dash, offer. It can also be a bit slow at times as well. I had to tap on a cooking chicken wing multiple times to move it to a plate before it started burning.

Until Cooking Dash comes to Android, Bistro Cook should suffice--at least for a few hours. Unfortunately, the graphics are just too unappealing to play for much longer.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Bistro Cook

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