PC Case Mod Looks Ice Cold

[Photo: Lenovo]
The modding community is getting its foot in the CES door this year in the form of PC case mods, and there's no better way to kick-start the proceedings than with this colorful ice-effect PC.

The mod, called the K320 Ice Series, was created by serial modder James Fislar. He was the winner out of ten PC modders invited to take part in Levono's What's your idea of fun? campaign, which saw top modders create the wildest Idea PCs possible. Their finished results would be shown off at CES 2011 -- if users voted for them.

James kept it simple, deciding to swap the typical black PC casing for a "liquid acyclic" shell one, which would give the effect of being incased in ice. After taking a mold from the original casing to keep all the original detail, he also added various lights inside the case. The lights are different colors to show the various activities going on under the computer's hood. For good measure, he also tweaked the cooling system and added an ATI Eyefinity System.

You can check out the gallery of the mods coming together and watch a video diary on James' campaign page, or check out the vivid PC in the flesh at Lenovo's CES booth in the Aquaknox Restaurant at The Venetian Hotel.

[Levono via SlashGear]

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