What's New and Hot in Storage at CES

So far, we've seen so many drives, your head will spin. We round up the newest offerings from makers like Hitachi, Iomega, Samsung, Seagate, and more.

The Storage Stories of CES

Join us on a tour of the newest in storage from CES and the Storage Visions conferences.

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Iomega SuperHero Dock for iPhones

Iomega has released a unique iPhone Dock/backup solution in its new SuperHero Dock with a built-in SD card to make sure you never lose the vital information on your Apple device.

Eye-fi Direct Mode

Eye-Fi's Wireless X2 cards aren't new, but its Direct Mode that lets your smart-phone connect to the card and upload photos on the go certainly is.

Lexar 128GB SDXC Card

In other SD card news, Lexar doubled the capacity of high-end SDXC offerings with its new 128GB 133x cards.

Lexar Echo ZX drives

Lexar released a new range of ultra portable flash drives at the conference including the ultra-powerful, ultra-portable, and ultra-adorable new ZX model.

Micron RealSSD

Micron took a giant leap forward with its solid state drives at the show. The company increased their drive capacity from 64GB to a whopping 512GB SSD.

Samsung USB 3.0 Drives

Samsung introduced several yet-to-be-named lines of USB 3.0 drives at this year's show. By far the prettiest are these smudge-resistant little guys that come in sizes up to 1TB.

Seagate GoFlex Drives

Seagate's new GoFlex drives may not be setting records for capacity but at 9mm thin, they're certainly some of the smallest and most portable drives at the show.

Hitachi-LG Hybrid Optical Drives

Hitachi-LG is hoping to boost performance with minimal cost by adding flash memory to optical drives in its new second-gen hybrid optical drives.

Rocstor USB 3.0 Drives

Rocstor introduced a whole range of new drives using the new USB 3.0 standard, including this Commander 2U3 Drive.

The Universal Storage Module

Serial ATA International is making another stab at a universal storage cartridge. With manufacturer support--and some impressive stats--this one might stick.

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