Lexar Unveils 32GB MicroSDHC Card, USB Transfer Kit For Phones

Lexar Introduces 32GB MicroSDHC Card and USB Transfer Kit for Phones
With cell phones accumulating ever larger photo, music and video files, high-capacity SD cards are becoming more popular than ever--but transferring digital content from the phone to a PC or the Web can be time consuming.

Lexar Media addresses this problem with its 32GB Class 10 High-Speed Mobile microSDHC card, part of a kit that also includes a USB card reader and software to facilitate sideloading operations.

The card itself is fast: Lexar guarantees a minimum sustained write speed of 10MB per second and a read speed of up to 20MB per second--the fastest speeds available for microSD cards. Lexar's MediaMove software is designed to help you move content from the card to computers and/or popular social network sites.

The 32GB Class 10 High-Speed Mobile microSDHC card is available now on Amazon.com and Lexar's own web site for $150.

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