Hackers Have At Cr-48 Once Again, This Time With Android

[Photo: @hexxeh on Twitter]
It seems that Google’s prototype netbook can’t go long before a new hack surfaces. Earlier this week, GeekTech told you about how Something Awful forum members managed to run both Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard on the Cr-48. Now a developer adds Android OS to the list.

Liam McLoughin (aka Hexxeh), posted a photo on Twitter that shows a Cr-48 running Android. Although there is still very little detail on how he did the hack, it is believed that the laptop is running Froyo. Plus, the hack might have been achieved with the same method Something Awful used to add Windows and OS X operating systems.

It would also be interesting to see a demo of how typing works on the Cr-48, given it has no touchscreen keyboard--does the physical keyboard work or would you have to click each key with the cursor on screen?

Though it’s a shame Liam is keeping quiet about how he did the hack, it only makes sense that a Google laptop runs a form of it’s successful mobile OS.

[@Hexxeh via SlashGear]

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