CES Day 1: Sleek Laptops, Sexy Tablets, Cool Cameras, and More

Las Vegas has no secrets for us, at least in the area of technology. Here is a sampling of what we found most interesting on the first day of CES, with gadgets and gizmos from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Motorola.

First Out of the Gate in Las Vegas

As we patrolled the highways and byways of Las Vegas, we found these amazing tablets, laptops, tablet/laptops, innovative games and technologies, and more on Day 1 of the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show. Take a look.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

The highly anticipated Motorola Xoom, which will run on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), offers a 10.1-inch HD screen, 1GM of RAM, a dual-core 1GHz processor, and front and back cameras for video chatting and taking high-definition videos. Its browser will also feature Flash support, so you can have a full web experience. Additionally you can use the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect other devices to the Internet.

Toshiba Mini NB505

At a mere $299, the Toshiba Mini NB505 is one of the cheaper netbooks around. It's packed with a 250GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, a 10.1-inch screen, and an Atom processor. This small, light netbook would work well for people on the move or those need something portable but don't want to drop a lot of money on a full notebook.

Avatar Kinect

Looks like there will be yet another way to socialize online: Avatar Kinect from Microsoft. Microsoft says Kinect will soon track more detailed movements like a smile and even the raising of eyebrows. The Avatar Kinect app, which will be available to Xbox Live Gold members this spring, lets people sit in their living room and chat with friends in other locations, watching their avatars move on screen as they speak to each other.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 with LePad Slate

This hybrid laptop/tablet from Lenovo runs Windows 7 Premium as a notebook and, when detached, the LePad display operates as an Android tablet. However, at $1300, it's pricey.

Star Wars Blu-ray Box Sets

"I find your lack of Blu-ray disturbing…"

Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Galactic Empire, made an appearance at CES to announce that all six Star Wars films--the three original and three prequel movies--will be available in special Blu-ray box sets. Interested? Pre-order yours now from Amazon.

Samsung Series 7 Tablet With Slide-Out Keyboard

With a keyboard that slides out from under the screen, this Windows 7 tablet/netbook can let you get some serious work done. Powered by an Intel Atom processor and either 32GB or 64GB hard drive, the Series 7 also has a 10.1-inch touchscreen and apparently can connect to an HDTV with a dongle. Its price is expected to be $699.

Olympus ZX-1 Digital Camera

Olympus's slick, pocket-friendly ZX-1 point-and-shoot looks great, and has some impressive specs. It features a 10-megapixel sensor, 4x, optical zoom, and dual optical/digital image stabilization. And for more advanced photographers, the ZX-1 supports shooting in RAW format. It ships later this month, and will cost around $500.

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

Measuring about 0.65 inches thick, the 9 series offers an extremley bright LED backlit screen and is powered by a second-generation Core i5 2537M processor--a dual-core ultra-low voltage version of Intel's new "Sandy Bridge" CPUs that runs at 1.4GHz with turbo speeds up to 2.3GHz. The laptop has a sleek metallic look, black brushed metal, and it appears that Samsung is positioning this as a competitor to Apple's MacBook Air.

Buffalo CloudStor NAS

Buffalo's new CloudStor NAS device gives you your own cloud--sort of. This new network-attached storage device not only lets you access your files while on your network, but you can access them from just about anywhere you have an Internet connection. It could be a good option for home or small business use. A 1TB model costs $170, and a 2TB model runs around $270.

Samsung WB210 Digital Camera

Designed to make it easier to take pictures on the go, the WB210 features 12x optical zoom capability and a wide-angle camera setting. It has a 3.5-inch touchscreen and can capture video in HD. Available in February for $279.99.

Opera Browser for Android Tablets

Android tablets are everywhere this CES, and with it comes tablet-specific apps. Opera demonstrated a version of its Web browser specifically for Android tablets. The company didn't say when the browser would be ready, but our Jared Newman took it for a spin.

Sony 3D Prototype Headset

This futuristic device is like a 3D theater for one. It surrounds your face and provides 3D viewing along with high-quality sound from speakers. It might look like something out of Tron, but there is no launch date for this intriguing headset.

Breffo Spider PodiumTablet Stand

There are weird gadgets, then there are weird gadgets. The Breffo Spider PodiumTablet can hold just about any tablet, and its eight legs makes it vaguely resemble a spider--those with arachnophobia may want to steer clear.

Pixel Optics's EmPower Glasses

Glasses have gone digital! Pixel Optics's EmPower glasses can adjust from distance-viewing glasses to reading glasses with the flip of a switch. These glasses may not be particularly stylish, nor are they cheap--they'll set you back $1200 when production begins in April.

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