Summit Semiconductor Debuts Airwave Hi-Fi, Smart TV Tech

Summit Semiconductor wants to remove the rat's nest of wires in your living room. The company's latest tech uses airwave connections to make it happen.

At CES it showed two technologies: Speaker Finder and My Zone. Speaker Finder tells the music system where the speakers are located in the vicinity. Each speaker needs to connect only to a power outlet.

My Zone adjusts the so-called sound "sweet spot" to wherever the user is sitting. Just tap the My Zone button on the remote and, within a second, the whole sound system will adjust to make the remote location the best place to sit. At a CES demonstration, four people adjusted the sweet spot on the fly and all sounded great. The demo used 7.1 Dolby sound wirelessly.

The next step will be Linux-based smart TVs implementing the Speaker Finder and My Zone technology directly through firmware updates. In other words, current smart televisions with Linux brains will be able to use Summit Semiconductor tech in a couple years.

The 5-speaker CES demo used Aperion Audio and runs $2999. The system is available now.

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