iPad Gaming Just Got Easier: Say Hello to ThinkGeek's Tablet Joystick

[Photo: ThinkGeek]
Touch control gaming on the iPad is great, but when playing certain games a little more precision is required calling for some form of physical control. Thankfully the folks over at ThinkGeek have you covered due to their new aluminum tablet-friendly joystick.

Known as the Joystick-IT Arcade Stick, the new patent-pending controller is made from a lightweight, yet solid aluminum that is said to perfect for a wide range of touch-screen games.

Created in-house at ThinkGeek, the no-batteries-required joystick claims to work with any capacitive touchscreen, and is said to be easy to both add and remove from a screen surface.

Due to hit ThinkGeek's digital shelves at the end of January, the Joystick-It will set be ready to help you claim a better high score in Pac-Man or Geometry Wars for $24.95. Check it out:

Oh, and if that wasn't enough tablet gaming fun, you could always just convert your iPad into a full-on arcade cabinet--no joke this time!

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