Eyes-On With MSI's Revamped Wind Touch Software

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MSI has revamped their Wind Touch All-in-One interface for their all new Wind Top All-in-Ones, and I must admit, it's pretty impressive.

And fast: we review plenty of All-in-One desktops, and I've seen custom touch UIs from all of the major PCs manufacturers. This is easily the lightest, snappiest UI I've seen. I didn't get enough time to really judge its utility or usability against HP's TouchSmart or Acer's Touch Portal software, but it wins a few points in my book for simply being so fast, and responsive.

But don't take my word for it, check out the video.

In Video: MSI Wind touch Software

Granted, much of that speed is coming care of the Intel second-generation Core processor tucked inside. Unlike most All-in-Ones, this model -- MSI's new AE2210 -- is equipped with a proper desktop CPU, and not a notebook chip. How's that for improved thermal and power management?

Multitouch displays have become a standard feature on All-in-One PCs, offering up the ability to control your PC with the touch of a finger. But Windows 7 simply isn't right for touch. You'll get support for gestures and the like, but too much of our day-to-day use involves simple maneuvers like right clicking, hovering over links, or simply tapping through lots of folders -- not so simple when you're poking and prodding with your hands.

The design of MSI's Wind Touch interface might not appeal to everyone, but you can't complain about the speed. And once more All-in-Ones equipped with Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs and AMD's Fusion APUs, we're sure to see a wider variety of UI offerings, spurned on by hardware that's finally caught up.

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