Windows Phone 7 Likes Your 3G A Bit Too Much

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Reports across the web are surfacing that Microsoft has a serious problem with Windows Phone 7 that may become very expensive for some: the OS seems to use an awful lot of cellular bandwidth, even when idle. This means those with smaller data plans may find themselves in for a shock when their bill arrives.

One user wrote into Paul Thurrott's WinSuperSite telling he had to put the phone into airplane mode because he was near his 2GB data limit, and copious amounts of data were being used even when idle. Thurrott himself replied that he had noticed increases of data.

What's happening here is that even when on a Wi-Fi network - for whatever reason - the phone is still using 3G for data. Its unclear what applications (if not the entire phone) is doing this, but its a serious and common problem apparently that Microsoft has yet to confirm.

This thread on HowardForums discusses the problem as well, with the original poster claiming WP7 may be using as much as 2-5MB of data per hour when idle. There's other posts to Microsoft Answers as well. Lets put this in perspective: based on estimates, even with that phone on your kitchen table, over 1GB of data would be used. That's a definite ouch.

"This is a curiously common problem, and I'm sort of shocked Microsoft hasn't addressed this publicly yet, either to confirm it or to offer a fix," Thurrott mused.

We'd like to know if anyone is experiencing this problem. I guarantee you if Redmond does confirm this, its going to have to do something to prevent the inevitable lawsuits from disgruntled users.

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