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We’re sorry for the lack of Viral Views last week: It seems like CES madness got the best of us and for that we’d like to offer you our sincerest apologies by giving you twice the Views this week. After all, we don’t want to start the New Year off on the wrong foot. So to start the year off right, we bring you another offering of our favorite Flash-based browser games. We hope you enjoy them!

Exit Path

Exit Path has you running, sliding, jumping, and diving to avoid obstacles and make it to the end of a deadly arena. You can take as much time as you need to finish a level, but your ranking on the leaderboards will suffer as a result. You can even play multiplayer and race people all around the world.

Crush the Castle 2

Who needs Angry Birds when you can crush a castle? In Crush the Castle 2 you’ll be launching cannonballs trying to take down the monarchy and their castles. Personally I prefer the CtC series over Angry Birds, there is only so much vengeance you can take on swine before it starts being stale.

Tower Of Doom

Best described as a tower defense game with only one tower, Tower Of Doom has you ravage the land with your ever growing evil tower. Upgrade your tower archers, fireballs, and freeze spells to show those pesky farmers who is the boss.


Run your llama heart out in Fade. The more you run, the more power-ups you can acquire to turn your weak little llama into a hulking charger of destruction. If you enjoyed Robot Unicorn Attack, you’ll probably enjoy Fade as well.

Balloon in a Wasteland

One of the best games I’ve seen in quite a while, Balloon in a Wasteland has you defending yourself against hoards of monsters while trying to repair your crashed balloon and flee the wasteland. What makes this unique from other last stand flash games I have seen is that you have to rest to recover stamina in order to keep fighting. How long can you survive before the swarm overtakes you?

Corporation Inc.

Ever wanted to run your own company? Try out Corporation Inc. and see if you have what it takes to become CEO of a multibillion dollar company. Hire office drones, build bathrooms, and watch your corporate empire expand. Or you know, play like I do and go bankrupt within 10 minutes.

Thanks for dropping buy for this week’s Viral Views (Part one). Again, we are sorry we weren’t here last week. Just know that we still love you.

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