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Hey there, Internet! Welcome to Episode 17 of Viral Views, the place where we show you stuff on the internet. We hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s game offering. And sit tight, you’re about to see some more great stuff.

Story Time with Storg

Storg is a place where users can submit (often humorous) stories. Once submitted, the stories can be rated based on how well they were told. If you need a laugh, or are simply sick of constantly refreshing your Facebook page, then Storg might be a good place to kill some time.

Build Your Own Gaming Handheld

After we tried building our own headache machine a month ago (it worked but was destroyed by our night cleanup crew), we decided to dig around Instructables to see what other awesome afternoon projects we could find. Lo and behold, we hit the jackpot when we found these detailed instructions on how to build your own gaming handheld. Who needs a 3DS when you can build your own awesome console?

Cats Playing Patty Cake

Cats are always doing weird things, maybe that’s what makes them so appealing as pets. Like these two cats that seem to have gained knowledge of our most sacred school-yard game: Patty Cake. What next? Will these feisty felines conquer Foursquare too?!

Cats In Christmas Trees

Well this confirms two things: Cats are crazy like I just stated, and they will make anything into a Tumblr blog these days (much like CBS will make anything into a sitcom). If this gets made into a TV show, I think my faith in humanity will die a little.

Octopus Chair

A throne fit for Cthulhu himself, this octopus chair will instill fear in your enemies (and friends) hearts. Crown and regal robes not included.

Well that is it for this week’s Viral Views. Check back next week for some more internet goodies and don’t forget to check out GeekTech everyday for some geeky gadgets. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a band practice to get to...

See you in seven!

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