Flying Robots Design, Build Stuff; Singularity Must Be Near

Do you ever get the feeling that we humans are quickly becoming obsolete? After all robots can decorate cakes, play the piano, and even design and build other robots. The next sign of our obsolescence comes from the University of Pennsylvania, where researchers have programmed quadrotor drone bots that can design and construct buildings.

That's right--the robots plan out the buildings. All the humans are good for, according to Daniel Mellinger of the UPenn GRASP Lab, is to tell the robots what to make--the bots take it from there.

Granted, I don't think flying bots will be building our cities anytime in the near future, but it isn't hard to imagine a future where flying robots have a role in construction.

By the way, I dare you to not feel slightly unnerved by the buzzing of the quadrotors' engines--it makes them sound like a swarm of bees...

[TheDmel on YouTube via io9]

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